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Business & Strategy

Our business strategy is to identify and complete a business combination that creates substantial long-term value for our stockholders. We intend to concentrate our efforts on identifying companies that power transformation and provide disruptive technological innovation in a range of traditionally managed industries with particular emphasis on the financial and insurance service industries (“FinTech” & “InsurTech").

While we intend to concentrate our efforts on FinTech and InsurTech, there is no surety that we will be able to identify a suitable target company for our initial business combination in these industries, and hence we may execute our initial business combination with an entity outside these industries.

We believe our Investment Team’s operational, financial and transaction experience across economic cycles, along with our deep understanding of capital markets will allow us to effectively and efficiently identify and evaluate potential opportunities for our business combination.

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Consistent with our business strategy and core investment approach, we expect to identify quality companies that have many of the characteristics listed below. We will use these criteria and guidelines in evaluating acquisition opportunities, but we may decide to complete our initial business combination with a target business that does not meet all or any of these criteria. We will seek to acquire companies that have the following characteristics:


We will seek to acquire one or more businesses or assets that have strong and experienced management teams whose interests are aligned with those of our stockholders and complement the expertise of our management team. Where necessary, we may also look to complement and enhance the capabilities of the target business’s management team by recruiting additional talent through our network of contacts. We will focus on management teams that possess technical expertise, and those with a proven track record of driving revenue growth, enhancing profitability, and creating value for their stockholders.



We will seek to acquire one or more businesses that have a leading or niche market position and that demonstrate advantages when compared to their competitors, if any, which may help to create barriers to entry against new competition. We anticipate that these barriers to entry will enhance the ability of these businesses to generate strong profitability and free cash flow.




We will seek to acquire one or more businesses or assets that have a history of, or potential for, strong, sustainable recurring and predictable revenue streams.

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